Trade Show Exhibiting During Challenging Economic Times



There is no doubt that the current financial crisis has led to a great need for marketing and sales in most businesses to be reevaluated , modified and readjusted.

Most all tactics within the marketing mix of the company need to be evaluated to determine which are most effective in stimulating sales and closing business.


trade fair exhibition is one of the activities that consume more expensive and time in the mix of marketing / sales, and often is at the top of the list of cutting board reduction costs.

Because the cost of trade show exhibiting include the immediate disbursement of cash for showroom, display materials, shipping, labor, transportation, travel, hotel costs and daily expenses for those working the booth, it’s easy to see where often driven by business management accounting looking to save money could decide fair exhibiting During tough economic times is not only worth. Before That important decision is made, however, consider how just your presence – or absence – in important fairs affects your business. Trying to save a few dollars now could compromise business tomorrow

Consider this:. If you drop out of the show they have shown before, what are your competitors will tell their customers and potential customers about your absence? Colleagues who are not on the exhibit floor will provide its competitors with an excellent opportunity to deliver simple and efficient doubt about its financial health and, more importantly, their ability to maintain and keep selling their products. The exchange between customers and potential customers with your competitor might sound something like this:. “Gee, I do not know where they are perhaps are in serious financial difficulties and can not afford to exhibit But do not worry, because. We are here and ready to serve all your needs.”

So before your company decides to abandon any fair, here are some suggestions that will keep your customers, prospects and competitors on the same page and make the most of the opportunities available to you in the showroom .

or reduce the size of its exhibit space. The time they are on the show floor, people are available to conduct business as usual. If the question about the size of your booth arises – if in fact it is lower compared to previous years -. You can say simply serve the needs of ‘clients’ and prospects During these difficult economic times is more important than having a display of luxury

Use simple display materials. Today’s lightweight, easy to set-up-and-Dismantle display materials available exhibitor aware of the costs, with many opportunities to reduce costs and maintain excellent presence fair. When compared with custom exhibits, modular display materials offer significant cost savings and provide a simple backdrop for creating an environment occupational exposure starting to do business.

materials show Renta. Research of local suppliers to find a builder exhibition will rent an exhibition, including labor for transportation to and from the show and the installation and dismantling – all for a price quoted. Product can be sent home exhibit and all materials could be delivered to the series for installation by workers who know the aisle and what it takes to get in and out with few problems.

man of the cabin with the local people. Instead of flying people all over the country show in town, treat the man in the booth with the location of sales, service and / or office staff. This will not only save money but also give selected people the opportunity to represent the company in the exciting and educational environment often than fair offer.

Consider the National Exhibition More on Local Rules. When money is tight, you can expect fewer customers and prospects to travel long distances to attend the fair customers. However, exhibitors, attendees will see the most likely site, so adjust your goals and objectives to maximize those opportunities.

The Show Special Offers are not the product benefit. While the product is king, there are many offers of non-value add for sale during difficult economic times. reduced extended warranties or free, free technical support, free product updates, money-back guarantee 30 days, generous payment plans low-interest, free shipping, innovative trade in emission rights, the option to lease with option to purchase, programs and service contracts are reduced but some ideas to add value to the fair presentation of an exhibitor.

immediate and effective sales lead tracking. New business is hard to get, so all opportunities exhibitor has to favorably impress the prospect / client and get the sale is magnified. Now is the time to focus on providing excellent customer service after the show. Sales lead management is critical in responding to the request of the potential customer for more product / service information, and enabling the exhibitor meet the challenges will get the sale.

or La Prensa. Trade and press will consumers continue to attend trade shows for news, new products, and the stories associated with industry and exhibitors. Successful exhibitors always have complete press kits to hand and always pre-arrange interviews with publishers attending the fair to promote the back cover function, ensuring that its products, services and news are accurately reported.

Conclusion. Tough economic times can not last forever. Those exhibitors who now focus on meeting the needs of existing and potential customers, while adjusting their programs perform trade exhibition to new economic challenges will survive. And not only that: also will emerge stronger and more successful than those who do not see the light at the end of the tunnel


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