Trade Deficit Economic Philosophical Challenge


Okay so first of all I would like to ask my reader not shoot the messenger by merely putting forth this observation. You see, I do not produce the global economy, nor was I involved in corruption that is unbalanced. However, I have some things to say. First, I would like to have a discussion with you about the trade deficit in our nation, and I want to keep this dialogue full of philosophical nature. So now let’s start.


First, it seems that if the Socialists believe that the way forward and the economy is producing print money. By putting more money out there, there is more money flowing around, y- When flows are used around more people, and more productivity needs. Supposedly, this all works, but then there is that unfortunate thing called inflation, which kind of ruins the whole plan. This does not mean that we should not put money into the system, we have a lot of. However, we must be careful with the amount of money entering the system, and if it is by our central bank, created out of nothing in the stock market or flowing into our nation as a safe haven of our trading partners abroad.

today, the use of quantitative easing have been putting money into the system in a Keynesian economic strategy, unfortunately, we have to put more money into it because the money does not stay here for long. Why do you ask? Because we have a terrible trade deficit, but what happens when changes trade deficit because again energy are exported, or because all the money we’ve printed above has emerging markets hyper-inflation where there is cheap labor and now that money is flying in a safe haven, ie US banks, securities and investments, including real estate?

Well, then we must stop printing money, otherwise, are duplicated in the problem. Then we hyperinflation here too. If we deviate from the pin here and suck money from our business partners, then they have no capital to run their countries either. That real problem passe. Now we could keep pumping money in those other countries the use of foreign aid, but would finally make it back here for shelter again because our economy was cooking along so well.

If happens our banks Become flush with money, and start doing stupid loans, and consumers and businesses to obtain loans can not afford to think that growth will continue until the same rate indefinitely, something that we know it can not happen mathematically, statistically, and has not happened in history either. We’ve gotten in a little brine, and we have the rest of the world doing our will, and you will pay just like us, if not control of the situation.

Well, with all that said, we need some brightness, high intellect, and super smart economists to be running our Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and presidential leadership in the near future. This is not a game to be played by politicians seeking more power, or channeling their crony capitalism friends. What we do here since Oct. affect the future of our nation, our economic stability and the future of all Americans, not to mention the rest of the world. Yes, I mean it, but no, I do not want the job.


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