Free Trade Nightmare Continues



Free trade is an ongoing nightmare. Free trade remains the main cause behind our economic and social problems. It has a long history of failure. Our own federal government sponsored the movement of factories outside the US from 1956. This was the same year that the Suez crisis exposes an international money crisis. The program had to be time to test the possibilities of moving factories to Mexico for the sake of cheaper prices for US consumers. The program was never completed and somewhere along the way, the process was rated free trade even though it was not really on trade in products. It was developed in the factory Maquiladora Program in Mexico, where impoverished workers were used to produce products for American consumers. Obviously, we all should have known, the process affected US jobs. Workers and labor value in Latin degrade and deflates. As the years passed more and more US workers lost their jobs due to the so-called free trade. For the year 1992 more than 2000 US factories had been moved to Mexico. The US, were drawn from the most massive dislocation of jobs in history as the Great Depression of the millions of workers lost their jobs and thousands of businesses that close due to this economic disease.


Then in 1994, President Clinton pushed cam and the passage of free trade agreements NAFTA and GATT. It represents more than twenty years of a failed experiment. The agreements were designed by President Bush. (I have a letter from your office with all the provisions he explained. After President Clinton Deployed These agreements, the number of factories moved to Mexico doubled over 4000. the flow of Mexican workers get not stopped States States seeking economic survival was unworkable; …. the taste of free trade at the time in 1994-95, the Mexican peso to hit Redbourn there is a danger that affect money values worldwide President Clinton precipitated billions of dollars to Mexico to save weight and its economy.

President Clinton wanted more money for this bail out, but establishes Congress is limited. President Clinton said he would get more money for bail out on the subject which through funds from international money. do not know how much more set, but it was a large amount. This exposes how the value of money was manipulated by sources of global money because free trade economy affecting money values internationally. in recent years, it faces many similar countries critical money problems caused by free trade economy. Free trade is more about the separation of production investments. The two functions are divorced from each other for the sake of making money on money instead of doing things. investment communities liberated from the need to protect the value of workers and work for the sake of profit.

corporate Wall Street rewarded cutting workers with the highest of values. It was described in the portfolios if the corporation increased its efficiency. This call efficiency for the sake of profit, it is seeking cheaper labor markets. As a result, the USA He went through the most massive dislocation of workers in its history. Millions of people lost their jobs. Thousands of businesses closed. In just Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania, more than a thousand IT companies and system houses closed down. Millions of workers have since lost their jobs in the computer industry to the hundreds of computer manufacturers have closed their doors or agreements made with foreign manufacture. It should not be taken into account that our high-tech manufacturing may have given more than the so-called Rust Belt industrial base big hit. At the beginning of the computer age, there were many articles workers would have to find more ways to enjoy leisure since computers were going to release more routine work.

Today workers have more free time, but the reason is because there are fewer jobs full time. Only about 38 percent of all US workers qualify for unemployment insurance. This means more than 60 percent of all workers are living in a kind of economic limbo that is not reported. Why is this fact not reported?

Our leaders tell us that we need to gain more skills, etc., to compete in the global economy. Who said we had to even compete in the global economic arena. We have lost our impressive industrial strength because in the global economic arena in which workers are brought into the world trade bloc to compete with each other for the same jobs down for wage slave and child labor. The new poor working class in our country has been created and has replaced the middle class production worker in this race to the bottom.

President Obama had to rescue the economy free trade in 2008, but only rescued in October great interest amounts of money and forget the suffering of the millions of people who lost their jobs and businesses that put were it was for free trade. Why would anyone want to keep this economic madness?


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