Economists Don’t Trade FOREX



has been my observation that within online communities interested in investment opportunities there are, broadly speaking, two types of views it is obtained when it comes to buying and selling stocks or today poster child for large commercial benefits, foreign currency. The first comes from high energy dreamers hopelessly naive and generally promoting almost religious devotion blind any particular trading system or website will generate large sums of money with very little effort within days or weeks. This trumpeting usually quickly meets a high degree of skepticism more mature audience pointing out the obvious, Let no money to sell such a tree a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars.


If you have a winning system, why go through all the effort and risk to assume a new business, ie, to market its system when it could, in fact, only to continue indefinitely using the system to generate more money? It is as if everything takes a much greater effort to reverse the few additional keystrokes and add one digit here and there to businesses that are already doing.

To become a successful trader then those with a little more wisdom argue, it will take time, practice and study. After all, professional traders not only have many years of experience behind them, but a lot of formal education in finance and Economics as well. And of course, the competition they are facing housewife traders. However, interestingly, although this more sober view does not just sum up the kind of difficulties encountered on the way to become a successful entrepreneur – at least from the perspective of an economist

systems invented by exchange. FOREX self-proclaimed gurus are nothing more than a kind of economic model. How to forecast prices or exchange rates based on historical trends and other macro-economic data. Economists also create models to describe the phenomena of financial markets, including the foreign exchange market. However, these models differ in a very important way to the class of models created by business gurus is a matter of pure assumption trading systems that do not work economists ! Economists do not day trade, and not trade is not balanced either. The high return on investment to an economist that can not be explained by the risk is considered an anomaly. And if trade system were never proven beyond reasonable doubt to work, the author of the system as well as becoming rich beyond the wildest dreams of anyone shouldnt take a crack at the Nobel Prize because they have altered clearly the reigning paradigm thirty years or so in the field of economy .

economists reason that all information can be used for predicting stock prices or exchange rates is enough readily available for all traders and therefore the involvement of all financial information at a time Beheerder given instance it is already reflected in enquiry.c those prices and exchange rates. The Empirical studies support these beliefs Entering market efficiency very well. But it is not my purpose in this article in particular to the case of Economics . My purpose in this article is simply to point out that new entrants than the typical trajectory of education does not exist for trade as for other professions.

If you are interested in making money by healing people who’ll go to medical school and receive years of study and teaching how training is just that. If you are a day trader contemplating the formal study of Economics or finances to improve their trade profitability, the course will consist of unmask the industry of trying to work. And if economists are still majority law, its overwhelming probability is that it is a very, very bad idea for anyone to quit your job and store set-up in your basement as an operator foreign currencies.


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